Sustainable and attractive:
a versatile edging

Multi-Edge ECO is a series of edgings made from 100% recycled plastic. With a choice of rolls and straight parts in a range of colours, the Multi-Edge ECO always offers a suitable solution for your garden. The edging contains small pieces of plastic packaging, giving it its unique rough texture and natural appearance. The Multi-Edge ECO rolls are perfect for creating round and curved shapes, such as areas around trees, pond edges and curved borders. The straight parts easily create straight borders, grass edges or a straight finish for paths or driveways. Not only is this edging versatile, it is also cheap. With the additionally available stakes, installing the Multi-Edge ECO is easy.


A sustainable choice in any desired shape

The Multi-Edge ECO is available in many different colours and sizes. As you can choose from the colours grey, black and brown - corten, there is always a suitable colour for your garden style. Depending on the application, you can choose from several heights. For example, choose a low border that is less visible or choose a high border to create small height differences. The rolls are available in 10 or 20 meter lengths, and the edging is always easy to cut to size. Big or small garden, the Multi-Edge ECO is your solution.

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Advantages of
Multi-Edge ECO

Sustainable choice
Available in a range of sizes and colours
Natural appearance
100% recycled plastic
Easy to install
For curved shapes as well as straight borders


Multi-Edge ECO



Straight parts available in:
• 2 meter long x 10 cm high
• 2 meter long x 14 cm high
• 2 meter long x 20 cm high
Rolls available in:
• 10 meter long x 10 cm high
• 20 meter long x 10 cm high
• 10 meter long x 14 cm high
• 20 meter long x 14 cm high
• 10 meter long x 20 cm high
• 20 meter long x 20 cm high
Thickness: 10 mm
Material: Recycled plastic

Available in:

Multi-Edge ECO pegs

The clever Multi-Edge ECO pegs are available separately. These plastic pegs help to give the garden edging stability. They can be simply attached with a screw. The cleverly designed pegs can be placed at the back of the fence so that they are not visible. But also at the transition between two parts they can be placed in between in a stylish way.

Rapid installation

Installing the Multi-Edge ECO is very easy and quickly to do by yourself. The lawn edging can be installed safe and secure with the additionally available stakes. In addition, the stakes make it easy to connect different edging parts. The height of the border can be determined by the user. Choose a low border that is less visible or a high border to create differences in height, for example.

Complete installation instructions

Multi-Edge ECO: the installation

1. Dig a channel. Make sure that at least half of the edging is able to disappear into the channel. For straight edging, mark out the line along which the Multi-Edge ECO is to be installed using twine and pegs.

2. Place the edging into the channel. Make sure that at least half of the edging is in the ground. The edging is even more stable when it is inserted deeper into the ground. Cut off any excess length of edging using a hand saw for wood.

3. Place fixing stakes at 50 cm intervals along the edging. Tap these into the ground using a rubber mallet. Make sure that the fixing stakes protrude a few cm lower than the top edge of the edging. Once installed, the fixing stakes will no longer be visible.

4. It is possible to insert the ends of the edgings into a fixing stake profile. This is not necessary but creates a stable, smooth transition. Smooth corners can be created by sawing through the edging and placing them against each other at the desired angle.

5. Gently tap down the edging to the desired height using a rubber mallet. Screw the fixing stakes to the edging using 2 stainless steel 4 x 30 mm screws. Screw down any fixing stake that has been used as a transition between two profiles using 4 screws.

6. Backfill the channel with soil, sand or another material. Then lay grass, gravel or another type of ground cover up to the edging. Now you are ready to enjoy your garden project!