Multi-Edge: Stylish edges in your garden

Are you looking for a stylish and modern way to create dividing lines in your garden? Multi-Edge lawn edging is the easy way to separate different parts of your garden. It creates a simple, sleek and stylish separation line between tiles, gravel and flower beds, so it’s the perfect way to finish your garden. Multi-Edge is available in various designs and colours, so there’s always a model that matches the rest of your garden! The Multi-Edge FLEX, Multi-Edge METAL, Multi-Edge ADVANCE and Multi-Edge ECO are easy to install in any desired shape, whether you want to define undulating garden paths and circles or straight, geometric forms.





Multi-Edge METAL is stylish and modern metal edging that neatly separates different areas of a garden. With Multi-Edge METAL, you can create sleek, modern edging in your garden. Thanks to a smart interconnecting system, installation is simple.

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Multi-Edge FLEX is flexible edging made from recycled plastic. The clever design makes it easy to create both straight and round shapes to divide your garden. It’s available in 2 different heights, making it a real all-rounder.

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Multi-Edge ADVANCE is a high-quality edging system for e.g. lawns, borders and gravel areas. The unique smart interconnecting system uses connector strips to connect the profiles and are secured by fixing stakes, creating a smooth transition between profiles.

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Multi-Edge ECO is a series of edgings made from 100% recycled plastic. With a choice of rolls and straight parts in a range of colours, the Multi-Edge ECO always offers a suitable solution for your garden. Depending on the application, you can choose from several heights.

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The unique advantages of Multi-Edge lawn edging



All Multi-Edge products are easy to install, thanks to the unique smart interconnection system. They are all supplied with clear installation instructions.



Multi-Edge products are made of metal/plastic, so they’re very light and easy to carry and move. It all makes installation so much easier.



After installation, all Multi-Edge products can be separated from each other and reused. This extends their useful lifetime, making Multi-Edge a sustainable choice.



Multi-Edge products can separate all kinds of areas of the garden, from gravel surfacing to grass lawns, and from terraces to garden paths. They’re also ideal for driveway edging. All in all, highly versatile!



The METAL, FLEX, ADVANCE and ECO models have a sleek, and above all stylish, appearance. They’re available in multiple colours and versions, making them the perfect way to add style to any type of garden.


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